5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in an EHS Management System Now

Failure to properly manage environmental, health and safety incidents can result in disastrous consequences for your workforce and overall business operations. Unfortunately, many organizations still don’t use EHS management systems to streamline safety reporting and prevention efforts and minimize the risks their employees face on the jobsite every day. Here are five reasons why your organization should invest in an EHS management system today.

1. Improve the effectiveness of EHS training initiatives

Do the majority of your safety incidents involve foot injuries that occur right before quitting time on a Friday? Or are they mostly pipefitter hand lacerations on brownfield projects that could have been prevented with proper PPE?

To ensure your organizational and project-based safety training efforts are focused on the right areas, you must have a strong understanding of every detail related to your past and current safety incidents. Cloud EPC is the perfect solution for maintaining constant awareness of your organization’s safety incident profiles. Our enterprise EHS management system leverages both your historical and continuously recorded safety data to identify incident trends and establish leading indicators across the organization and on each specific project. By using simple business intelligence dashboards, you can assess incident trends and identify where you need to concentrate your safety training initiatives.

2. Ensure OSHA compliance

Effective January 1, 2017, a new OSHA rule requires that certain employers submit all injury and illness data electronically. OSHA is focused on enforcing a more public and transparent disclosure process to improve workplace safety and provide valuable information to workers, job seekers, customers, researchers and the public. OSHA is also imposing hefty fines on those employers that fail to comply. With the help of Cloud EPC’s EHS management system, complying with OSHA’s new reporting requirements is as simple as clicking a button. Explore our EHS management system and see how we’ve simplified the reporting process for you.

3. Improve workflow and the notification process

EHS incidents are hard enough to handle without having to worry if all the appropriate team members, organizational leaders and third party agencies have been properly notified and engaged. With Cloud EPC’s customizable workflow and notification system built directly into the system and mobile application, you can notify the right people instantly and ensure all appropriate team members have reviewed and approved any reports prior to submission.

4. Gain greater control over corrective actions

Most EHS incidents are avoidable, but it’s an unfortunate reality that they still occur frequently due to many reasons. A key component to effective EHS management is what you do after an incident occurs to prevent a similar accident from happening again. Cloud EPC’s analytical and workflow-driven corrective action system allows organizations to generate root-cause assessments, establish corrective actions, assign them to responsible team members and track action status and impact.

5. Reduce EHS-related costs

Did you know that until recently OSHA’s maximum penalties had not been adjusted since 1990?  In August 2016, the agency increased penalties by 78% to adjust for inflation. Even without penalties, EHS incidents can be financially devastating, including lost time, medical bills, facility closures, insurance premium increases and numerous other costly items. By implementing an enterprise EHS management system, you will be able to identify and mitigate your risks, improve the effectiveness and accountability of corrective actions and ensure your EHS training dollars are being spent in the right places to minimize your risk of incident occurrence.

Check out a video demo of Cloud EPC’s Interactive Safety Trend Analytics Dashboard to see how you can improve the effectiveness of your training initiatives: