Reporting Made Simple with Interactive Dashboards

Our simple and interactive reporting infrastructure makes it easy to quickly filter, group and sort data and generate reports on the fly. Cloud EPC clients have experienced a 60% reduction in report generation time and a significant increase in reporting accuracy.

Key Functionality

Numerous Options

Generate change management, cost, progress & performance reports plus many more.


Custom Detail

Customize the level of detail by selecting either a summary or detailed data set report.

Select Groupings

Select from a diverse range of pre-defined groupings to create customized and detailed reports.

Budget Reporting

Generate valuable reports focused on either the current budget or the forecast.


Multi-Select Filters

Apply custom multi-select filters for Phase, Discipline, WBS, Activity and Cost Type.


Report Distribution

Print or PDF high-quality reports for rapid distribution to project team members.

Interactive Reporting Dashboards

Generate Custom Reports Quickly

Monitor Your Change Management Program

Customize Your P&P Dashboard

Track Project Milestones

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See Cloud EPC In Action

We provide extensive and brief demos based on your availability and business needs to illustrate how Cloud EPC can integrate with your existing systems and simplify your construction management.

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