Intuitive. Interactive. Integrated.

Cloud-Based Enterprise Project Management

Multiple Features Capable of Supporting All Phases of Project Execution


Control your project cost and manage your budgets and forecasts with our fully integrated change management system.


Leverage our powerful automated workflow process and ensure your deviations are captured and reflected across all integrated modules.


Ensure progress & performance report integrity with our measurement system based on rules of credit and supported by our mobile app.


Analyze the health of your portfolios by company division, region, customer, industry, risk profile and more.


Evaluate all of your key performance indicators quickly and easily with our intuitive and interactive dashboards.


Our tracking and reporting system enables organizations to monitor safety at every project level and generate reports.

Satisfying Enterprise and User Needs

Interactive Mobile

Our mobile application gives project teams incredible flexibility to perform critical project management and project controls functions while on the go.

Designed for Users

As technology enthusiasts and former power users of EPC software applications, we focused on user needs and frustrations and designed a simple, intuitive interface.

Built for Enterprise

Our enterprise analytics platform enables you to quickly analyze the health of your portfolios by company division, region, customer, industry, risk profile and more.

Leverage the Freedom of the Cloud Everywhere You Go


Your project teams travel regularly, work remotely and require instant access to critical project information. Now they can manage projects at any time and anywhere with an internet connection.


Our software is already installed and configured, so you will avoid the hassle of lengthy, frustrating setup time. Less than an hour after you sign up, the application will be ready to use.


We lower your tech and equipment spend significantly by taking full responsibility for the costs of hardware, infrastructure, security, maintenance and support, bandwidth and data storage.


You will have the latest, fully-optimized version of the software everywhere you go. We manage software updates and upgrades for you, eliminating the need to download and install patches.

Key Clients

Analyze Projects at an Enterprise Level

Cloud EPC earns the title of “enterprise” by fully solving both organizational and user needs. Our enterprise KPI analytics platform ensures you will always know the health of your projects. Use the simple but powerful interface to search and filter through your historical and active projects and quickly evaluate your key performance indicators. Watch the video to see the KPI analytics platform in action.

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We provide extensive and brief demos based on your availability and business needs to illustrate how Cloud EPC can integrate with your existing systems and simplify your construction management.

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