Quality Audits

We have received overwhelming feedback requesting an integrated audit module. Organizations are moving away from having multiple software platforms that are individually monitored, and moving toward fully-integrated, automated systems to improve efficiencies and effectiveness. Listening to our clients and the market, we built our quality audit module to empower organizations and project teams with the functionality needed to establish and utilize an enterprise auditing framework.

Key Features


Audit Templates

Establish standardized enterprise level templates driven by a Q&A structure.

Create Categories

Assign questions to unlimited custom categories created and managed by you.


Custom Criteria

Apply custom weighting criteria to each question to elevate importance.


Initiate Audits

Quickly initiate a variety of focused audits at the project level.


Question Scoring

Quantify question scoring using the observed vs. compliant tracking tool.


Customize Easily

Easily record custom notes, corrective actions and lessons learned.

Response Tracking

Assign corrective actions to responsible parties for follow-up response tracking

Generate Reports

Generate quick QA reports & review scoring in a graphical dashboard.

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