Cloud EPC Launches New Cost Management System

Cloud EPC is excited to announce the launch of its new Cost Management system. This system completely integrates budget and forecast management with Cloud EPC’s current Progress & Performance and Change Management systems.

“This is an enormous milestone in the development of our software” said Ben Hubbard, Director of Sales. “I am proud of our team for their hard work in building a system that will simplify cost management for users, allowing them to focus on what matters most – managing the work itself.”

Key features in the Cost Management system enable users to:

  • Manage vendor, commitment, and expenditure details from one screen
  • Automate commitment and expenditure loading from accounting systems/ERP’s
  • Manage an unlimited number of project contingency and reserve accounts with automated graphing of drawdown curves
  • Ensure data integrity by utilizing traceable audit trails for all transaction-based user actions

For more information on managing cost in Cloud EPC, call 800.909.5181 or request a live demo.