Cloud EPC Launches Next Generation EHS Management System

Cloud EPC is pleased to announce the official launch of its Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) management system. With this latest module addition, Cloud EPC now offers a fully integrated project management tool, giving users a single platform to manage progress & performance, cost, change management and health & safety all in one centralized location.

“We developed our EHS management system with the understanding that safety is a priority for all organizations today” said Chris Hart, Director of Business Development at Cloud EPC. “Our system enables organizations to collect safety data, analyze incident trends and make educated project and organizational decisions to increase safety program effectiveness.” Mr. Hart also noted, “The release of our EHS management system comes at a perfect time, as our tool is compliant with OSHA reporting requirements going into effect on January 18, 2017.”

Key features in the EHS Management system enable users to:

  • Record safety incidents by capturing valuable data such as type and cause of incident, site conditions, injury classifications & body-parts, equipment involved, medical response, physician information, UA/DOT requirements, risk and root cause analysis, financial impacts, property information, witness statements, photos, attachments and much more.
  • Use a mobile application (iTunes & Google Play stores) to record a safety incident, capture witness statements, photos and notes
  • Leverage customizable workflow to automate timely safety incident notifications and ensure the integrity of safety incident report review and approval
  • Generate safety incident reports that satisfy OSHA recommendations
  • Generate risk & root-cause analysis reports
  • Generate case logs, corrective actions and lessons learned
  • Generate a detailed project safety log with custom sorting, grouping and filtering options
  • Generate enterprise safety performance reports with custom sorting, grouping and filtering options
  • Evaluate interactive safety incident rate curve dashboard (TRIR, LTIR, RD Rate, PD Rate, DART)
  • Evaluate interactive safety incident type dashboard displaying total incidents by type over time
  • Evaluate interactive safety incident trend analytics dashboard
  • Conduct audits and generate audit reports with action item logs

For more information on managing progress & performance in Cloud EPC, call us at 800.909.5181 or request a live demo.