Cloud EPC Unveils Progress & Performance Measurement Mobile Application

As a follow-up to the release of our progress & performance measurement system, we are excited to announce that our first mobile application is available for download on the iTunes & Google Play app stores. The highly intuitive mobile app enables project controls and construction management teams to perform a variety of traditional tasks while walking the job site rather than from behind a construction trailer desk.

The development of a mobile application takes a lot of planning and research to ensure an excellent user experience. Our biggest challenge? How to make entering and updating large volumes of records quick and seamless. We are pleased to say that our innovative “tile” design has accomplished this task and makes for an aesthetically pleasing and efficient mobile user experience.

Users can efficiently locate and load a progress item record using our hot filters, quickly swipe through the rules of credit tiles (shown above), and post progress updates by using their finger to drag the progress wheel to designated value and click apply. This requires no keyboard entry and allows users to move through progress items effortlessly.

The progress & performance mobile application enables users to:

  • Capture installed quantities
  • Capture and tag photos to specific progress items
  • Capture video
  • Log and save notes
  • Monitor performance and budget allocations

For more information on Cloud EPC’s mobile technology, call us at 800.909.5181 or request a live demo.